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Bloodlines Keira Jameson Used To Lead A Normal Life, She Just Had A Gift, Passed Down Through The Generations Of Her Family Now, After Hearing Voices, Having Strange Dreams Of Others Calling Out To Her, And Her Grandfather S Last Words Haunting Her, She Sets Out To Find Other Families Like Hers Along With Her Best Friend Lily, The Only Person Outside Her Family To Know About Her Gift, Keira Begins A Hunt For Her Ancestors A Chance Meeting With A Young Man, Lucian Turner, Sets Them On The Right Track, But Their Discoveries Change The Way Keira Will See Herself For Ever Fear, Superstition And Heritage Are Shaping Keira S Future And She Must Face Her Enemies, Even If This Could Mean Losing Her Life She Cannot Escape Her DestinyPart Buffy Style Horror, Part Tender Romance, Bloodlines Will Have Fans Of The Genre On Tenterhooks Waiting For The Next Instalment Of This Gripping And Hell Raising Tale

About the Author: Lindsay Anne Kendal

I have lived in Droylsden, Manchester, all my life I live with my parents, my younger sister, Cheryl, and her little girl, Faith I never knew what I wanted to do with my life until I began writing This is my dream I get most of my inspiration from music I ll sit listening to it and suddenly I m no longer in the room My stories play like movies in my mind, then I go and write them down I m a very dark person I love anything spooky, supernatural, or unexplainable, and so that s the genre I want to write in for the rest of my life I work as a freelance graphic artist I have created covers for my own novels, self published authors, World Castle Publications and Sizzler Editions I will also be creating the covers for Empire Voices audiobooks Scary films are a true love of mine, although I find it very hard to find one these days that actually frightens me My favourite story of all time is Bram Stoker s, Dracula The movie is equally as amazing.I have had a love of photography from being a child I have literally thousands of photographs which I have taken over the years Now, I have a professional DSLR camera and I m looking to do photography as well as my graphics as a sideline project I have a blog site and website where you can find outinformation Please visit me at eitherhttp lindsayannekendal.blogspot.com orhttp www.lindsay anne kendal.com

10 thoughts on “Bloodlines

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    UPDATE the new version of Bloodlines is now available from .com Kindle version also avaiable now This is actually my own book, so its not fair to give it a rating.

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    This book had such great reviews I purposefully sought it out when major book sellers, such as B N, didn t carry it I should have taken that for a sign.My biggest gripes about this book are 1 a real editor needs to proof this book a lot and 2

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    This is my Daughters first book in a trilogy.I have read it 5 times and each time is as good as the first Some people may think this is a biest review But if it was rubbish, believe me, i wouldnt have encouraged her to have it published Please give i

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    I hate to say anything bad about a book because I m certain that, bad or good, the author loves it just the same and put in an equal amount of effort I mean this only as constructive criticism.That being said, despite its 310 pages the plot feels thin to the

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    Wow I don t want to be mean buthow can I not I couldn t even get past page thirty The writing was childish and in desperate need of editing I felt like I was reading a ten year old s, what I did for summer vacation, homework For example Why would she be telling her

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    I really enjoyed this book I was hooked from the beginning because I didn t know what Keira was or what her gift was, until I was given a hint in the first chapter.Keira is looking for answers about her past and why she is hearing voices, but soon she realizes that maybe th

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    I very much enjoyed this book Its a nice change from Vampires and the new Fallen angel craze that seems to be going on I find this story to be very original I can relate with the main Character Keira She feels isolated and very alone at first, desperate to find out where she comes

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    The sentences are a little choppy, but once you get past that, this book is actually amazing It would have scored a 5 if it werent for the choppy parts.Keira is a likeable character, I liked her very much The other main characters are great, all with their own thoughts and opinions I dont

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    You guys will think I m crazy.Bloodlines is the story of Keira, a woman who goes to Salem, Massachusetts, to discover her past while sending the story in as many unrelated directions as possible and devoting minimal time to interesting aspects Never mind the demons hunting the main characters and

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    I ve been meaning to add this review for a long time, but since I ve just had my first child, I ve not had the chance to do so until now This book actually gets 4.5 stars from me My gripe is the editing However, I ve read several times there was a ruckus about this and the Author is having the book redone

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