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Cold Storage When Pentagon Bioterror Operative Roberto Diaz Was Sent To Investigate A Suspected Biochemical Attack, He Found Something Far Worse A Highly Mutative Organism Capable Of Extinction Level Destruction He Contained It And Buried It In Cold Storage Deep Beneath A Little Used Military Repository.Now, After Decades Of Festering In A Forgotten Sub Basement, The Specimen Has Found Its Way Out And Is On A Lethal Feeding Frenzy Only Diaz Knows How To Stop It.He Races Across The Country To Help Two Unwitting Security Guards One An Ex Con, The Other A Single Mother Over One Harrowing Night, The Unlikely Trio Must Figure Out How To Quarantine This Horror Again All They Have Is Luck, Fearlessness, And A Mordant Sense Of Humor Will That Be Enough To Save All Of Humanity

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