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Draconian In A Dystopian World Where Draco Malfoy Serves As Voldemort S Most Ruthless Death Eater, Only Hermione Granger Holds The Key To His Redemption Together, They Have To Find A Way To End The War Once And For All In A World Governed By Draconian Laws. This one is the best Dramione fanfiction ever, you can t tell me otherwise I read this like 2 years ago or something I honestly don t know how long it s been but I still think about it to this day It s by far and will forever be my favorite dramione fan fiction ITS JUST SO PERFECT I LOVE IT. I LOVE THIS STORY this is a godd mn good story I love it so much the best Dramione story that I ever read and I alway re read it like once in every 2 months THIS WILL RUIN ALL OTHER FANFICTIONS FOR YOUin the best way possiblewicked grin Now I m not one to vouch for fanfictions in fact I was a fanfic virgin and this book stole my virginity all the way out but man is this perfect The best Dramione fanfiction out there THIS IS CANON AF It doesn t only focus on the romance budding in the two nemesis but it also has a mindblowing creative plot that you d wish this was the actual ending for the real books Draco s redemption only intensifie THIS WILL RUI

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