[ PDF / Epub ] ★ Fourth Threshold (Threshold: Black Magic and Shattered Geometry, #4) Author Ryan Anschauung – Online-carhire-spain.co.uk

Fourth Threshold (Threshold: Black Magic and Shattered Geometry, #4) Threshold Black Magic And Shattered Geometry Exposes To The Modern Satanist The Problems Our Reality Holds, And Importantly, It Gives Him The Tools Necessary To Shatter It, And Create A New World Order The Ego Must Be Tricked Into Defeating Itself It S Abstractions Must Be Torn Apart Piece By Piece, Its Processes Broken Down And Made Visible To The Individual, So That A Special Instant Occurs In That Individual Similar To An Out Of Body Experience With The Exception That Is It Out Of Mind In This Instant, A Sudden Flash Of The Awakened Self Can See The Actions Of The Ego Consciously And Understands Its Own Involvement In Its Perception

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