The Land Beneath Us (Sunrise at Normandy, #3)

The Land Beneath Us (Sunrise at Normandy, #3)In 1943, Private Clay Paxton trains hard with the U.S Army Rangers at Camp Forrest, Tennessee, determined to do his best in the upcoming Allied invasion of France With his future stolen by his brothers betrayal, Clay has only one thing to live forfulfilling the recurring dream of his death Leah

The Blizzard Bride (Daughters of the Mayflower, #11)

The Blizzard Bride (Daughters of the Mayflower, #11)A Blizzard Changes Everything Abigail Bracey arrives in Nebraska in January 1888 to teach schooland to execute a task for the government to identify a student as the hidden son of a murderous counterfeiterthe man who killed her father Agent Dashiell Lassiter doesnt want his childhood sweetheart

Two Steps Forward (The Deacon's Family, #3)

Two Steps Forward (The Deacon's Family, #3)Back and broke in Stoney Ridge, Jimmy Fisher has coasted as long as he could through life on charm, good looks, and deep set dimples They always worked just fine for him until they didn t His smile has no effect on the violet eyed beauty he met at the Bent N Dent, the one with that stunning

The Brightest of Dreams (Canadian Crossings, #3)

The Brightest of Dreams (Canadian Crossings, #3)Quinten Aspinall is determined to fulfill a promise he made to his deceased father to keep his family together To do so, he must travel to Canada to find his younger siblings, who were sent there as indentured workers while Quinn was away at war He is also solicited by his employer to look for the

Take a Chance on Me (A Misty River Romance #0.5)

Take a Chance on Me (A Misty River Romance #0.5)When baker Penelope Quinn steps in to help her brothers family through a medical crisis, shes forced into close proximity with charming Air Force fighter pilot Eli Price Penelope has one iron clad dating ruleshe does not date airmen Months ago, she relaxed her rule with Eli and immediately lived

If for Any Reason

If for Any ReasonEmily Ackerman has traveled the world, her constant compass and companion a book of letters her mother left for her when she died With no father in the picture, her mom s advice has been her only true north But when professional failure leads Emily back to Nantucket to renovate and sell the family

An Uncommon Woman

An Uncommon WomanUnflinching and plainspoken, Tessa Swan is not your typical 18th century woman Born and bred on the western Virginia frontier along with her five brothers, she is a force to be reckoned with Quiet and courageous, Clay Tygart is not your typical 18th century man Raised by Lenape Indians, he

Collateral Damage (Danger Never Sleeps, #1)

Collateral Damage (Danger Never Sleeps, #1)Honorably discharged from the Army after an explosion nearly killed her, former military psychiatrist Brooke Adams has set up shop to help othersbut her days of helping military personnel are over She s got her own battles to fight from her time overseas, and she s not equipped to take on .

The Gray Chamber

The Gray ChamberStep into True Colors a new series of Historical Stories of Romance and American Crime Will Edyth prove her sanity before it is too late On Blackwell Island, New York, a hospital was built to keep its patients from ever leaving With her late fathers fortune under her uncles care until her

The Thief of Lanwyn Manor (Cornwall, #2)

The Thief of Lanwyn Manor (Cornwall, #2)In Regency England an advantageous match could set up a lady for life Julia knows Matthew Blake, copper mine owner and very eligible bachelor, is the gentleman she should set her eyes upon But why cant she steal her gaze away from his younger brother, Isaac Cornwall, England, 1818 Julia Twethewey

A Girl’s Guide to the Outback

A Girl’s Guide to the OutbackRomance author Jessica Kate explores the hilariously thin line between love and hate in her heartwarming new novel Samuel Payton is a passionate youth pastor in Virginia, but beneath the surface, Sams still recovering from a failed business His coworkerstart up expert Kimberly Fosteris brilliant,

The Way of the Brave (Global Search and Rescue, #1)

The Way of the Brave (Global Search and Rescue, #1)Former pararescue jumper Orion Starr is haunted by the memory of a rescue gone wrong He may be living alone in Alaska now, but the pain of his failure and his injuries has followed him there from Afghanistan He has no desire to join Hamilton Jones s elite rescue team, but he also can t shirk his

On Wings of Devotion (The Codebreakers, #2)

On Wings of Devotion (The Codebreakers, #2)All of England thinks Phillip Camden a monstera man who deliberately caused the deaths of his squadron But as nurse Arabelle Denler watches the so dubbed Black Heart every day, she sees something far different a hurting man desperate for mercy And when their paths twist together and he declares