Trust Exercise

Trust ExercisePulitzer Finalist Susan Choi s narrative upending novel about what happens when a first love between high school students is interrupted by the attentions of a charismatic teacher In an American suburb in the early 1980s, students at a highly competitive performing arts high school struggle and

The Beekeeper of Aleppo

The Beekeeper of AleppoThe unforgettable love story of a mother blinded by loss and her husband who insists on their survival as they undertake the Syrian refugee trail to Europe Nuri is a beekeeper his wife, Afra, an artist They live a simple life, rich in family and friends, in the beautiful Syrian city of

I'm Fine and Neither Are You

I'm Fine and Neither Are YouA Washington Post and Charts bestseller Honesty is the best policy except maybe when it comes to marriage in this brilliant novel about the high price of perfection from bestselling author Camille Pag n Wife Mother Breadwinner Penelope Ruiz Kar is doing it all and barely keeping it


DominicanaFifteen year old Ana Cancion never dreamed of moving to America, the way the girls she grew up with in the Dominican countryside did But when Juan Ruiz proposes and promises to take her to New York City, she has to say yes It doesn t matter that he is twice her age, that there is no love between

The Confession

The ConfessionThe sensational new novel from the million copy bestselling author of The Miniaturist and The Muse One winter s afternoon on Hampstead Heath in 1980, Elise Morceau meets Constance Holden and quickly falls under her spell Connie is bold and alluring, a successful writer whose novel is being turned

Trying to Score (Hot Jocks, #3)

Trying to Score (Hot Jocks, #3)Teddy King excels at many things Playing hockey Check Scoring on and off the ice Check Being stupidly attractive Double check I knew him way back when Before he was the guy everyone wanted a piece of, he was just a rebellious college co ed and one of my energetic study partners But

We Were Mothers

We Were MothersA brilliant, twisty novel about a missing woman, an unfaithful husband, and the dark secrets that will destroy two perfect families A scandalous revelation is about to devastate a picturesque town where the houses are immaculate and the neighborhoods are tightly knit Devoted mother Cora O Connell

Sweet Sorrow

Sweet SorrowOne life changing summer Charlie meets Fran In 1997, Charlie Lewis is the kind of boy you don t remember in the school photograph His exams have not gone well At home he is looking after his father, when surely it should be the other way round, and if he thinks about the future at all, it is

Middle England (Rotters' Club, #3)

Middle England (Rotters' Club, #3)Set in the Midlands and London over the last eight years, Jonathan Coe follows a brilliantly vivid cast of characters through a time of immense change and disruption in Britain There are the early married years of Sophie and Ian who disagree about the future of Britain and, possibly, the future of

Woman Last Seen in Her Thirties

Woman Last Seen in Her ThirtiesFrom bestselling author Camille Pag n comes a hilarious and hopeful story about a woman on the verge of a nervous breakthrough At fifty three, Maggie Harris has a good marriage and two mostly happy children Perpetually anxious, she s also accumulated a list of semi reasonable fears falling air

The Lido

The LidoA tender, joyous debut novel about a cub reporter and her eighty six year old subject and the unlikely and life changing friendship that develops between them Kate is a twenty six year old riddled with anxiety and panic attacks who works for a local paper in Brixton, London, covering forgettably

The Only Story

The Only StoryWould you rather love the , and suffer the or love the less, and suffer the less That is, I think, finally, the only real question First love has lifelong consequences, but Paul doesn t know anything about that at nineteen At nineteen, he s proud of the fact his relationship flies in


AnyoneCharles Soule brings his signature knowledge and wariness of technology to his sopho novel set in a realistic future about a brilliant female scientist who creates a technology that allows for the transfer of human consciousness between bodies, and the transformations this process wreaks upon

My Italian Bulldozer

My Italian BulldozerWhen writer Paul Stewart heads to the idyllic Italian town of Montalcino to finish his already late book, it seems like the perfect escape from stressful city life Upon landing, however, things quickly take a turn for the worse when he discovers his hired car is nowhere to be found With no record

Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling

Oh My God, What a Complete AislingAisling is twenty eight and she s a complete Aisling She lives at home in Ballygobbard or Ballygobackwards, as some gas tickets call it with her parents and commutes to her good job at PensionsPlus in Dublin.Aisling goes out every Saturday night with her best friend Majella, who is a bit of a