House of X / Powers of X

House of X / Powers of XMutants are the future, and the future begins now Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman INFINITY, SECRET WARS takes the reigns of the X Men universe with artists Pepe Larraz and R.B Silva to change the way you look at every X Men story HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X intertwine to reveal the secret past

Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey

Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean GreyLike a Phoenix from the ashes, she will rise Years ago, Jean Grey died at the hands of a villainous mutant and the X Men mourned her But that was then and in the years that have passed since that shocking loss, the world has changed Jean s teammates have lived without her, and some have died

Spider-Man & the X-Men

Spider-Man & the X-MenMeet the Jean Grey Academy s new guidance counselor Spider Man What s a non mutant doing at a school for mutants What secret suspicion has fueled the formation of his special student class And because you demanded it Sauron and Stegron the Dinosaur Man The villain team 65 million years in the

X-Men: Grand Design

X-Men: Grand DesignOver six tumultuous decades, the X Men have carved a singular place in comic book lore and popular culture From their riotous birth in the 60s, to their legendary reboot in the 70s, to their attitude adjustment in the 90s, to their battle against extinction in the 00s, the X Men have remained u

Dead Man Logan, Vol. 1: Sins of the Father

Dead Man Logan, Vol. 1: Sins of the FatherThe writing s been on the wall for months nowOld Man Logan is dying And he ain t going to get better this time Sick from the Adamantium coating his skeleton, Logan s search for a cure has led to nothing but dead ends But for once, he s actually trying to leave this world with some unfinished b

Uncanny X-Men, Volume 5: The Omega Mutant

Uncanny X-Men, Volume 5: The Omega MutantEverything has been leading to this a turning point for the Uncanny X Men And it all revolves around their deceased former mentor and leader, Professor Charles Xavier Scott Summers has swiftly become one of the world s most wanted men Thanks to the Phoenix possessed murder of Professor X, he des

Wolverine: Old Man Logan, Vol. 5: Past Lives

Wolverine: Old Man Logan, Vol. 5: Past LivesA failure from the past haunts Logan and to correct his mistakes, he ll need magical assistance But when he faces opposition, the man who was once Wolverine will turn to an unlikely and potentially treacherous ally Will an encounter with the young Spider Man, Miles Morales, convince Logan to

Death of Wolverine

Death of WolverineAll roads must end somewhere, and every hero s story eventually comes to a close For Logan, the century old mutant known as Wolverine, that time is now The loss of his healing factor and the traumatic events of Three Months To Die have all led to this, the single most important X Men event of th

X-Men: Grand Design - Second Genesis

X-Men: Grand Design - Second GenesisThe sequel to the critical smash hit X MEN GRAND DESIGN is here and it s ALL NEW and ALL DIFFERENT Witness Wolverine, Thunderbird, Colossus, Storm, and Sunfire suit up as X Men for the very first time all over again And then the Shi ar The Brood The Starjammers Watch as Marvel s merry mutants