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Haven's Knight When I Was A Little Girl, I Believed In Fairy Tales I Believed In Princes And Princesses And Knights In Shining Armor I Believed In Forever And Happily Ever Afters I Was Ten When Reality Hit Me My Mom Brought The Evil Home With Her And There Was No Escaping It That S When I Learned That Fairy Tales Were Just That Fairy Tales The Bad Stuff Is Real, Though The Difference Is That I Now Know That The Monsters And Evil Villains Don T Always Wear Capes And Ugly Scars No Most Of The Time, They Appear NormalI M Drowning In Reality, In My Life, And I Ve Given Up Hope That A Knight In Shining Armor Will Rescue Me But Maybe Maybe I Don T Need A Prince Charming After All Maybe A Knight Without The Shining Armor And A Broken Smile Will Be Enough To Save Me

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    Haven had a good childhood until it was ripped away in a moment The last seven years she has endured her existence in a shell of her former self She is trying to just get by day to day and all the bad stuff she has to live with, hopefully will soon be a thing of

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    I received this for an honest review. I have to say this book hooked me from the first page until the last. So much that I could barely put it down. I really wanna say that this book was a wonderful coming of age book and it was but it was just so muchthan that This book p

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    Great BookI really enjoyed this book I read it first on wattpad but with it being so good I had to own it when I found out it was onThe characters in this book take you on a roller coaster ride that you never want to get off of I recommend this book to all romance lovers Try it you

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    FREE onon iBooks today 8 31 2018 Blurb When I was a little girl, I believed in fairy tales I believed in princes and princesses and knights in shining armor I believed in forever and happily ever afters I was ten when reality hit me My mom brought the evil home with her and there was no escap

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    This book was utterly heartbreaking and beautiful Like jeez this cover does not do this book justice

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    4.5 5 An emotional read that s for sure Made me cry a couple of times at the beginning Definitely a good portrayal of domestic abuse, alcoholism, and just plain insanity Beware before going into this, if any of that is triggering, but otherwise I recommend this to everyone Damien wasn t my favourite He s a good

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    I loved this book just as much I cried over the Boy Who Sneaks I just wished I gotat the end, like an EPILOGUE I m such a sucker formushy endings and HEA Nonetheless, I highly recommend this book.

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    Best Book Ever I really liked The way she described the feelings of the characters and I also loved the ending I think that if you are looking to have mixed emotions because of a book I recomend you to read this one I look forward to reading another book from this author.

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    This was such an adorable book I loved every second of it I love how the author takes such a dark subject, and makes it relatable

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    Rarely do i find books that makes me cry my eyes out those books are few and far between but let me tell you, this book Haven s Knight ripped me up and left me sobbing like a baby Never has a book left me so RAW and it got me thinking when i finished reading this book, that this isn t just fiction, it happens all over the world. There are several chil

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