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House of Mirrors Where was the GROVEL view spoiler Liz made it super easy for her husband Grant to ingratiate himself back into her life after he d dumped her to return to his fickle and shallow ex fianc As soon it became clear it was she whom he really loved, not evil Myra Anyone else notice how her name closely resembles the mirrors she loved so much An indictment on her vanity, perhaps , Liz sprinted back to Grant so fast you d think she was competing for an Olympic medal Grant apparently felt so wracked with guilt which is why he couldn t go to Liz once he realized his big mistake in dropping the woman who d worshipped him I ll give him a bone We re told Grant did try to contact Liz twice afterwards, but was warned off by her older sister However, when a man hurts a woman that badly, even if she set herself up for it by willingly marrying a man she knew was in love with another, I want to see blood seeping from him Not a few, measly crocodile tears and a reunion engineered by everyone but the hero hide spoiler DEVOURED it LOVED it.If you hated Pargeter s The Odds Against and Roberta Leigh s Temporary Wife, don t bother with this one, there is a good chance you won t like it.I like the trope of the Hero loving the OW from the start with Heroine coming in second best because, duh, the angst is a given from the beginning And yet, I also avoid it like the plague because so very, very few writers can pull it off It s one of the reasons that Pargeter became one of my favorite writers because for all the weakness in some novels that she wrote, Against All Odds, yes, the one that eveyone loves to hate, for me, remains one of her best works There were subtle nuances crafted in, so Gail the h in that book is not quite the dimwit or doormat she appears to be and neither is Liz, the heroine in House of Mirrors Both are capable, independent, hardworking women who go into the marriage with their eyes wide open, wearing their hearts on their sleeves, knowing the weakness and egoistic pride of the men they fell in love with and both decided, screw it, there will never be any other man for them and they will find a way to make the marriage work Neither are martyrs, imo, both are frustrated at the wilful blindness of their husbands to the wiles of the OW, both have showdowns and stand up to the OW and both are very human in that they can t help goading their husbands though Grant, to his credit, did not lose control and bitch slap his wife as Carl did And Grant had valid reasons to be disillushioned and embittered His accident had left him with a weak leg, unable to use his hands as a surgeon and the love of his life, the OW, left him at the lowest point in his life For Carl, it was like the last straw, his business was failing miserably and his ego just could not take two back to back hits when the OW left him too Whittal though, for me, created a 5 star heroine in Liz sigh they just don t write them like this any In the hands of a different author, this premise is guranteed to sink but with Whittal, it soars She shows Grant slowly and surely falling in love with Liz though he doesn t know it himself Her forthrightness, her strength, how she challenges him to overcome his disability and not wallow in self pity, and her selfless love, I didn t see doormat, I saw a determined, hopeful and stoic heroine But some saw her as pathetic so definitely a question of personal taste here.I liked how view spoiler she set him free with dignity when the OW came back to the picture and how she washed her hands off him forever but later, engineers their getting back together when she finds out he realised, almost immediately, his mistake in returning to the OW Whittal forced circumstances to not be in his favour, so Grant didn t come back to her quickly and his grovel was rather muted But I liked it She kept him in character hide spoiler I love this drama and angst story of a man obsessed with another woman but marries the sweet h and is happy until evil OW returns The h wins in the end on penalties so it works out. Hero was having a pity party and Heroine wanted to join in All was well until he got better and appeared to forget about the heroine Cue angst Some angsty jealousy of the OW toward the end Classic Yvonne Whittal. Very good read full of angsty and tension.Enjoyed the book very much the only thing disappointing was there was no grovelling,Grant was forgiven way too easily,would have loved to see how he repents for his actions.Liz should have been shown strong. Why oh why did she forgive him so fast He dumps her out of this life as soon as the hot girl is back and because of that stress she losses their child He needs to make reparation She should have had him on his knees just to kick him I wanted blood for what he did to her He was a total ass and I can t get over the fact that she was all I love you but she was too stupid to know that she was his consolation prize or his safe place for when the bitch hurts him Stupid doormat Idiot I gave it 3 stars because at least it made me mad That s something and if you like a heroine being treated like crap then by all means read this book Once was then enough for me. She Never Got Over Her Crush On GrantLiz Had Become A Successful Author, Grant A Famous Surgeon, In The Years Since She Had Worshipped Him And He Had Called Her The Horror Now, His Career Ruined By An Accident, Deserted By His Fiancee, Liz S Handsome Former Neighbor Was Returning Home.Passion Grew As Liz Helped Grant Recover His Zest For Life And When He Proposed, Even Though He Told Her She D Never Have His Love, Liz Accepted. Liz loved Grant since forever He has a bitchy other girlfriend of course but when he has an accident and loses his job Myra abandons him Liz is there for him supporting and loving him so he proposes marriage and she accepts even though she knows he doesn t love her the way she loves him But when Myra is back in Grant s life, Liz is afraid she will lose him forever I love angst so I loved this book and I didn t think the H was that bad and I liked his apology and how he even cried for his sins against our flawless heroine and yea he was a bit of an asshole and a jerk but that s how I like my heroes Lol Read for a second time on 9th August, 2015Five wonderfully perfect, amazing stars I read this about a year ago, but I couldn t remember it so I gave it a 2 star rating Recently I read reviews about it again, and I couldn t remember a single thing about the book, so I decided to reread it Boy, am I glad that I did The heroine was so perfect, I loved her, Ithan loved her She was feisty, spirited, kickass, funny and had the best comebacks And despite all that, she was sweet, loving, kind and forgiving Basically, all around perfect There wasn t a single thing that she did throughout the book that I didn t like I approved of every, every single one of her actions, admired her in fact She was so strong and so amazing In the beginning, we hear that the hero, whom our heroine has been in love with ever since she was a kid, has come back to the small town that h and H grew up in H is 12 years older than h shivers with delight and when h was 16, H moved to the big city with OW, whom he is deeply in love with They recently got engaged, about 6 years later, but am accident leaves the hero disabled, with a broken arm, his career as a surgeon ruined Obviously, OW runs first chance she gets, and H comes back to the small town to lick his wounds Our feisty heroine is H s neighbour She goes over to see him, and he looks gaunt, sick, thin and has several premature grey hair I have such a huge thing for heroes with grey hair She is strong, feisty, makes him stop feeling sorry for himself with her kickass comments and try and fight instead of wallowing in self pity She comes to clean up and cook for him every day, and a few days later, he asks her to marry him She accepts He is an ogre of a hero, biting and saying mean things, and insulting her, because he is so bitter and cynical She gives as good as she gets, though, she did not let him walk all over her Not at allShe is one of the most perfect heroines there ever existed on the face of this earth, throughout history There is a lot of pain, anguish and heart break, especially when the OW comes back, and view spoiler and they separate, and she has a miscarriage, consequently one after the other It was so heartbreaking, my eyes were brimming with tears She was such a sweet person, and he was such a perfectly amazing asshole who, btw, did the best grovel ever hide spoiler Definite keeper If you love old school trainwrecks, if you want angst and tears, then this book is just for you Plot was the same as The Odds Against but it was better written.Liz was one the best written heroines of Harveyland sassy, witty, loving, unselfish, beautiful with a backbone The only defect of her was being very forgiving person Grant was not as cruel as Carl of The Odds Against, there is no force seduction or much abusive behaviour But when he discarded Liz easily view spoiler and when Liz had miscarriage hide spoiler

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About the Author: Yvonne Whittal

Yvonne Whittal was born and raised in South Africa, the setting of most of her romances She started writing stories at a young age, but didn t really get serious about writing until after she married and had children She got many rejection letters from publishers, until a friend who loved romances gave her to encouragement to continue.