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His Touch Unleashes Her Heritage Hiding Is No Longer An Option After Decades Of War, The Qui Empress Ushers In A New Era When She Takes A Human Tribute As Her Price For A Peace Treaty With Earth She Orders The Surrender Of All Human Prisoners Of WarButchered And Broken, Raiss Tyrone Has Escaped His K Lahn Captors And Is Running For His Life The Arrival Of A Qui Warship In Orbit Sparks An Intense Man Hunt A K Lahn Garrison Is Out In Force, Chasing Him Down His Only Hope Is A Strange, Insecure Half Breed Woman, Part Human, Part K LahnCrendea Has Never Come To Terms With Her Shape Shifting Affliction, A Genetic Aberration From Her K Lahn Father She Lives With The Shame, Terrified Of Exploring The Full Extent Of Her Heritage Now A Single Look From Raiss Tyrone, Lust In His Eye, And Her Sparkling Lizard Scaling Bursts Forth His Delicious Scent And Warm Touch Ripples A Terrifying Change Across Her Body, And Neither Of Them Are Prepared For The Genetic Frenzy They Are About To UnleashThis Sexy Romance Tale Is The Third Story In A Collection Inspired By Under By Treaty, A Science Fiction Romance In Kayla Stonor S Surrender Collection Each Tale In The Qui Treaty Collection Is A Standalone Short Story Or Novella Set In The Qui Galactic Empire, With Annihilation Of Mankind Held At Bay Only Through The Treaty Consummated Between The Qui Empress And The Human Consort Abducted Under Its TermsReader Please Note Kayla Stonor S Stories Can Be Dark And Edgy, Hot And Wicked, Punishing And Uplifting If You Find Certain Themes Uncomfortable Reading, These Stories May Not Be For You Although This Story Is Standalone, It Is Set Within A Wider Story And It Is Recommended That The Short Stories Are Read In Order Hunted By Treaty

About the Author: Kayla Stonor

Kayla Stonor is the pen name of an author of dark, edgy, erotic romance featuring alpha males who submit to the women they grow to love Kayla s writings are not the usual romantic fluff Her novels often skate the edge of consent, with thrilling violence and dramatic relationships between powerful alpha males and dominant women.

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    Best book in the series so far Few accepted her presence without gawking at her like an abomination Half the K lahn garrison expected her to whore for them and the majority of the town assumed she did.The lonely truth assaulted her onceNo one touched her, K lahn or human, and those who tried were not the sort she wanted in her life. Hunted by Treaty is the third book in Kayla Stonor s amazing Qui Treaty Collecti

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    Or are we merely shackled by our own inhibitions Raiss Tyrone is wounded and disfigured, but alive and on the run Having killed the captors piloting the shuttle he was on, he finds himself drawn to an alien world when he hears English comms chatter To his astonishment he discovers the descendants of humans who were abducted from Earth during the K lahn raids over thirty years ago When a Qui warship enters orbit, Ra

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    HUNTED BY TREATYAuthor Kayla StonorType of Book eBookGenre Science Fiction Erotic Romance Length 89 pagesRelease Date May 19, 2015Rating 5 out of 5 stars I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for ann honest review This collection of books is for readers 18 years of age and older Each Qui Treaty book contains scenes of graphic sex and there are also scenes of violence which make these books un

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    Kayla Stonor continues her exciting space opera alien storyline in this third installment of the Qui Treaty novella series In Hunted by Treaty, she brings something a little different to the table Rather than have the humans already aboard a spacecraft, returning to Earth, her hero is on the run on an alien planet, Soa Te, fighting to both evade recapture and save his skin Seriously wounded, navigating terrain completely

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    I received a free advance review copy in exchange for my honest review.As has been the case since the first book, this one is perfect in every way The characters are richly portrayed and make you like them from the moment you meet them The story while similar to the others is just different enough to keep the interest in what is happening in that world I was immediately drawn into the story and the lives of the people on th

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    I received a free advance review copy from Kayla in exchange for your honest review.I m not really sure how Kayla does it but OMFG WOW I LOVED IT Hunted by Treaty sucked me into Raiss LOVE the name time on the run from his K lahn captures, how he landed on a planet run by human survivors Crendea a half K lahn half human women, helps Raiss flee the Qui but Raiss helps Crendea a bond forms If you haven t read the first couple of

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    I received an ARC for an honest review.I enjoyed this book immensely I wanted this book to be longer, however, it doesn t take away from the experience It has love, hate, fear, tolerance of others differences and also intolerance And of course all of this with a heart warming ending Although a bit of a cliffhanger.

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    Hunted by Treaty by Kayla Stonor is a continuation of the Qui series where as a result of a treaty negotiation, Earth is saved from a catastrophic alien invasion by the K lahn after 30 years of conflict Although classified as a stand alone novella, this story ends in something of a cliffhanger Also, because it is so short, less in the way of detail is included to give a reader any understanding of alien culture s encountered For a r

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    I received this book in exchange for an honest review As previously mentioned, this is not a series I would have picked up for myself only through a recent reading review event did I get the opportunity to get my hands on these books and be given a real quick eye opener and become a fan This series is really good and addicting So if you are looking for something different, grab yourself a copy and get to reading Now, with respect to th

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    I received a free advance review copy in exchange for my honest reviewAnother awesome story It takes skill to pull you into a completely new world in just few pages, and make you truly believe it Kayla did it again, and I think this was the best worldbuilding of this collection so far.Raiss Tyrone is a human badly hurt and lost in a world he doesn t know, but that he needs to escape from When a warship comes after him, the humans living i

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