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Look Evelyn, Duck Dynasty Wiper Blades. We Should Get Them A Hilarious Collection Of Essays From The Author Of Bslash, The New York Times Bestselling The Internet Is A Playground, And I Ll Go Home Then It S Warm And Has Chairs

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    I can always count on Mr Thorne for a few good belly laughs If he sometimes shares something a bitsomber, it is with such nonchalance that while the reader may be affected, the writer will not be pitied.

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    Charles van BurenTOP 1000 REVIEWER3.0 out of 5 starsCrudeApril 27, 2019Format Kindle EditionReview of Kindle editionPublication date December 3, 2014Publisher 27bslash6Language EnglishASIN B00PO0JF8EAs a group, modern humorists and the audience for same seem to believe that humor requires the use of crude, vulgar, profane and, often, obscene language Mr Thorne is not an exception to th

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    A little different from the first two books by David Thorne in several ways First, it s largely autobiographical Second, very little of it is from the web site Although there are a couple familiar email exchanges in it The autobiographical bits seem to jump back and forth in time and sort of go off on tangents or meander a bit This is forgivable as there are no dull anecdotes in this book I

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    If only for the title..Here s yet another example of why I could never write a memoir The hysterical Jenny Lawson was raised in a shack with an amateur taxidermist as a dad Kelly Oxford traveled anywhere at the drop of a hat and was perfectly willing to live like a gypsy David Thorne goes to Tasmania because he can afford the ferry I blame my lack of memoir worthy experiences on my parents, who

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    I received this book on Mother s day from my son It wasn t his usual type of present, but I am so glad he departed from the norm During a sunny couple of days in the garden I read it, laughing out loud several times Really chuckled, with watering eyes because parts of the book were so funny I am not going to give examples, because that would spoil the book for people who haven t read it However, I co

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    A moderately funny set of embellished autobiographical sketches full of death by a man who appears to have a fixation on how much women weigh.

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    a little dull comparing to his previous books but still good.3.5

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    David Thorne has a way with words when he lets himself get into a flow but he also hates fat people and I m sick of it No .

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    Read Harder Challenge 2016 3 Read a collection of essays.What intrigued me Ed thought I would find this book hilarious He s mostly right What I liked I loved the meandering digressions in the longer essays What I didn t like There were a couple of parts where Thorne jokingly admitted to making something up, and that makes me wonder if some of theelaborate tales we re also made up It s still good even if the were Favorit

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    I m a huge fan of David Thorne since I picked up The Internet Is a Playground on a lark at my local bookstore I was literally lol ing almost the entire time, which was pretty much par for the course with this book, too I even ended up reading aloud most of it for my SO because it was easier than explaining why exactly I was laughing so hard If you are sensitive to dark humor and even a little meanness , I would stay away Oth

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