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Quantum International Bestselling Author Patricia Cornwell Delivers Pulse Pounding Thrills In A Series Featuring A Brilliant And Unusual New Heroine, Cutting Edge Cybertechnology, And Stakes That Are Astronomically High.On The Eve Of A Top Secret Space Mission, Captain Calli Chase Detects A Tripped Alarm In The Tunnels Deep Below A NASA Research Center A NASA Pilot, Quantum Physicist, And Cybercrime Investigator, Calli Knows That A Looming Blizzard And Government Shutdown Could Provide The Perfect Cover For Sabotage, With Deadly Consequences.As It Turns Out, The Danger Is Worse Than She Thought A Spatter Of Dried Blood, A Missing Security Badge, A Suspicious Suicide A Series Of Disturbing Clues Point To Calli S Twin Sister, Carme, Who S Been MIA For Days.Desperate To Halt The Countdown To Disaster And To Clear Her Sister S Name, Captain Chase Digs Deep Into Her Vast Cyber Security Knowledge And Her Painful Past, Probing For Answers To Her Twin S Erratic Conduct As Time Is Running Out, She Realizes That Failure Means Catastrophe Not Just For The Space Program But For The Safety Of The Whole Nation.

About the Author: Patricia Cornwell

Patricia Cornwell sold her first novel, Postmortem, in 1990 while working as a computer analyst at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Richmond, Virginia Postmortem, was the first bona fide forensic thriller It paved the way for an explosion of entertainment featuring in all things forensic across film, television and literature Postmortem would go on to win the Edgar, Creasey, Anthony,

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    Years ago I was a huge Patricia Cornwell fan I read every book the moment they hit the shelves and still have many of the earlier ones on my library shelf today However, after time, I grew to dislike the characters in the series They never grew, changed, worked on their flaws to the point that they became unbelievable and, really, horribly boring SO, when I saw that Cornwell had a new series, one not aimed at teens, I thought I would give it a shot After all, it was her writing that

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    Charles van BurenA thriller mystery which quickly became tiresomeSeptember 5, 2019Verified PurchaseFormat Kindle EditionReview of Kindle editionPublication date October 1, 2019Publisher Thomas MercerLanguage EnglishASIN B07BN2WGGJ353 mostly dreary psgesI believe that this is but the third Patricia Cornwell book I ve read It is very different from the other two and, I suspect, from what most readers of her books are accustomed to This one is very wordy with long passages which, if they

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    There are a few authors for whom I ll move heaven and earth to carve out enough time to read their latest efforts Patricia Cornwell is among them So when I got a chance to read a pre publication copy free through the Early Access program, well, how fast can you say one click For years, you see, I ve enjoyed the author s exploits of Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta This one isn t about her, although similarities to both the good doctor and her tech savvy niece, Lucy, positively leaped out

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    Last year I read the last Sue Grafton in the alphabet series and was disappointed Turns out she had a terminal illness so I feel bad for my critical review I don t think Cornwell has that excuse It s been a long time since I read a Patricia Cornwell mystery, but I remember them as fast paced with interesting characters Quantum has none of those qualities.This story centers on a pair of twin sisters, narrated by one of them, both of whom are clearly on the autism spectrum The whole book is

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    I m sorry to say this was a huge disappointment I admit to never having read any Patricia Cornwell but her reputation as one of the foremost crime writers, especially via her Scarpetta series, had me very excited to pick this up as a First Reads selection Sadly, that was the end of the excitement.While it is evident Ms Cornwell is a very accomplished writer, this book left me frustrated and even bored throughout There are lots and lots of veiled hints at past events that just become plain i

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    No storyline spoilers I just finished this book and am unhappy that I wasted a few hours reading it I have this feeling that the author was a little arrogant because of the success of her other series and forgot she was telling a new story It seems that the comma button on Ms Corwell s typewriter was broken when she wrote this book As the entire thing was written with sentence fragments And so annoying That I was beyond distracted Having to keep reading the each sentence repeatedly Because I

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    Got this free as Prime First Reads choice for September I had got fed up with Scarpetta so was keen to read about this different character A pity She is such an annoying character I have given up after 20% I hate not finishing books but life is really too short for this one

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    I went into this blind, having been somewhat down on this authors last few Scarpetta books but despite being dubious at first at the rather rambly nature once again of the prose suddenly I found that I was in it and from that point on I banged through it the science was fascinating, main protagonist Callie was odd yet compelling so I do feel somewhat vindicated in my previous comments that Patricia Cornwell really needed to move onto something new Granted this won t be for everyone The nature of

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    The story, while OK , is unfortunately marred by one of the most insufferable characters I ve encountered in a book The protagonist is the very epitome of an iamverysmart who has studied or developed every field of science, every technology implementation and suffers from every conventional quirk that they can think of, and who has the habit of pointless extemporizations and diatribes for no real reason other than to demonstrate their iamverysmart ness Captain Calli is an action hero as well, of co

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    What a difficult book I give it 1.5 stars It was an exhausting read, and I used it to help me fall asleep, which was effective Written in first person, the story is continuously interrupted by the character s chaotic thoughts I think the book could have been cut in half with just one chapter containing past events and experiences that shape the character Instead, the reader is constantly bombarded with the repetitive unfinished flashbacks, bits of memories, feelings, manias, and otherwise annoying mo

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