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Raelia Life Is Full Of Crossroads, Alex Full Of Choices Returning For A Second Year At Akarnae Academy With Her Gifted Friends, Alexandra Jennings Steps Back Through A Doorway Into Medora, The Fantasy World That Is Full Of Impossibilities Despite The Magical Wonder Of Medora, Alex S Life Remains Threatened By Aven Dalmarta, The Banished Prince From The Lost City Of Meya Who Is Out For Her Blood To Protect The Medorans From Aven S Quest To Reclaim His Birthright, Alex And Her Friends Seek Out The Meyarin City And What Remains Of Its Ancient RaceNot Sure Who Or Perhaps What She Is Any, All Alex Knows Is That If She Fails To Keep Aven From Reaching Meya, The Lives Of Countless Medorans Will Be In Danger Can She Protect Them, Or Will All Be Lost

About the Author: Lynette Noni

Lynette Noni studied journalism and academic writing at university before completing a degree in human behavior She lives on the Sunshine Coast in Australia and can be found baking cupcakes, singing along to animated movies, or daydreaming about being swept away to a fantasy world Some days, she can even do all three at once and still find the time to sneak in a nap afterwards.

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    I AM NOT OKAY This book has wrecked me and destroyed every fiber of my being Jordan my baby sobs for eternity P.S More Kaiden in the next book pleaaaaase P.P.S I have to wait a whole year for Draekora Fuck.P.P.P.S Maybe now s the time to consider reading straight up standalones from now on.

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    Alexandra Jennings was excited for her second year at Akarnae Academy and rejoining the friends she d made the previous year Little did she know the events which would unfold over that year how much the hated Aven Dalmarta would dominate her thoughts As the four friends Alex, DC, Jordan and Bear picked up their

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    Re read Jan Feb 19 MY HEART.This is definitely the book that hooked me firmly on the series The escapades.The characters.THE DRAMA.And yet still so much sass.Where s those handy check marks Alex is getting better at fighting Meeting new friends HELLO Roka and Kyia and Zain and oh hey a cameo from that one guy that we re

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    First read March 21st 2017 Re read January 24th 2018, March 6th 2020 Life is full of crossroads, Alex Full of choices When day and night combine and fight against one enemy then dark and light shall meet mid strike and set the captives free Trying to put my emotions in check is going to be extremely hard after finishing this boo

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    And this is why I hate reading incomplete series.

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    My God, this book I ve come to love Lynette Noni and her stories like few things in these past couple of months It is a combination of multiple factors that make her books a second home to me, nothing different from what I would expect from her.It has become a safe haven where I can go to find comfort and cuddle myself, for I know what will be wa

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    YAY RAELIA Thank you Pantera for sending me out this beautiful book The thoughts and opinions in this review are entirely my own Magic CHECK Sarcasm CHECK Friendship HELL YEAH CHECK This book has the perfect mixture to be placed alongside Harry Potter and Rick Riordan s books Alex s adventures continue after the first book, Akarnae She is back at the acad

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    Ahhh how can it end like that Another wonderful chapter in this series, looking forward to the next one now

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    4 starsAn excellent second book and one I enjoyed just like the first.World building is excellent and very emotive.The characters are further developed from the first book and I really like how they are developing.The plot is strong and added in a fewelements this time which as good.An excellent second book and i m keen to get onto the next in the series to see where it go

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    4.5 StarsRaelia is a wonderful edition to The Medoran Chronicles, engaging and delightfully surprising The storyline resumes shortly after Akarnae, after coming close to losing her freedom at the hands of Aven Now Alex is back with a vengeance, her training has increased in order to protect the institute and the portal that Aven is so desperate to find.After the revelations of Akar

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