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Sex Magic, Tantra & Tarot This Book Offers The Student Of Western Tantra The Knowledge And Inner Truth That Has Been Hidden From Us Since Conception This Is A New And Expanded Edition Wherein You Will Find A Wealth Of Practical And Passionate Tantric Techniques Utilizing The Archetypal Images Of The Tarot Nothing Is Held Back All Of The Methods Are Explicit And Clearly Described Each Of Us Has A Guardian Angel A Companion And Lover Who Waits Just Behind The Images That Flood Our Minds During Sleep Or Reverie A Protector And Guide Who Disguises As The Individual With Whom We Fall In Love An Ideal Lover Who Has Adored Us Since The Beginning Of Our Individual Existence And Who Will Never Abandon Us Until The Instant We Merge Our Being Into Absolute Godhead.

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    This is a very good book, especially if you are on the Em Path I bought this fromwhere some clown had given it a low rating because there was little about sex in it That is the problem I ve had with tantra all along is watching the porn industry and skeezes turn it into some cheap thrill This book is about mentally prepa

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    This book is unique Like most books on the subject, it s a workbook and not just one you read.

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    This is a fascinating book, but I suspect that to truly appreciate it you need to have a background in hermetic magic and an understanding of the concept of the Holy Guardian Angel as understood in Thelema the latter of which I can not claim to have In order to carry out the central ritual an elaborate working involving sex magic either as

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    This book was a great take on the subject It s been a couple of years since I last skimmed through it but I still remember the first time I read it I wasn t too familiar with the subject back then and this was certainly a good introduction Good for beginners although perhaps not enough in depth for thosefamiliar with this kind of stuff.Certainly some

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    I thought the theory was great, but the main ritual is a bit of a drag It takes a few years to complete Compared to other people s approach like Alan Chapman , I think this is way too over complicated,

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    i have no knowledge

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    The Divination is Fascinating

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