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The Collapse of Western Civilization: A View from the Future The Year Is , And A Senior Scholar Of The Second People S Republic Of China Presents A Gripping And Deeply Disturbing Account Of How The Children Of The Enlightenment, The Political And Economic Elites Of The So Called Advanced Industrial Societies, Entered Into A Penumbral Period In The Early Decades Of The Twenty First Century, A Time When Sound Science And Rational Discourse About Global Change Were Prohibited And Clear Warnings Of Climate Catastrophe Were Ignored What Ensues When Soaring Temperatures, Rising Sea Levels, Drought, And Mass Migrations Disrupt The Global Governmental And Economic Regimes The Great Collapse Of This Work Is An Important Title That Will Change How Readers Look At The World Dramatizing Climate Change In Ways Traditional Nonfiction Cannot, This Inventive, At Times Humorous Work Reasserts The Importance Of Scientists And The Work They Do And Reveals The Self Serving Interests Of The So Called Carbon Industrial Complex That Have Turned The Practice Of Sound Science Into Political Fodder The Authors Conclude With A Critique Of The Philosophical Frameworks, Most Notably Neo Liberalism, That Do Their Part To Hasten Civilization S DemiseBased On Sound Scholarship Yet Unafraid To Tilt At Sacred Cows In Both Science And Policy, This Book Provides A Welcome Moment Of Clarity Amid The Cacophony Of Climate Change Literature It Includes A Lexicon Of Historical And Scientific Terms That Enriches The Narrative And An Interview With The Authors

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    this just came through over the alt facts channel There s no such thing as Climate Change says the White House __________A View from the PresentThe following photos have been taken in the last week at different areas of Germany I wouldn t go as far as to say this is a collapse But it isn t over yet, and summer has only just started click for source article click for source article click for source

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    Not really a book, Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway have written a historical essay from the point of view of a future Chinese historian The history recounts the scientific, political, and social events during the years 1988 to 2093 The essay shows how, even though scientists predicted the consequences of greenhouse gas emissions on the earth s climate, politicians and corporations weaseled out of the imp

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    The format is quite an effective and interesting method of communicating the seriousness of climate change, however there s a few things that brought the rating down for me.1 the book finishes at page 52 of 89 57% The remainder of the book is a lexicon of terms, and an interview with the authors This left me feeling I d definitely overpaid at US 4.992 The bulk of the essay discusses the actual historical sc

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    Just so you know, I am a PhD marine scientist and I have been studying and teaching environmental science, including climate change, for over 20 years.One of the biggest problems with scientific discoveries is that scientists seldom publish their work in a forum or a form that is accessible or understandable to the non scientific community of voters, policy makers, et al This short book long essay by Naomi Oresk

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    Description The year is 2393, and a senior scholar of the Second People s Republic of China presents a gripping and deeply disturbing account of how the children of the Enlightenment, the political and economic elites of the so called advanced industrial societies, entered into a Penumbral period in the early decades of the twenty first century, a time when sound science and rational discourse about global change wer

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    The Collapse of Western Civilization is a big title, but is really tells you what the story is about The story is told by a unnamed Chinese historian that is writing about the collapse in 2393, some 300 years after it occurred It s an science fiction novel told in an essay form The problem is that it isof an essay than a novel The plot that takes 60 pages in this book really would have been enough material for an epic tri

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    so intensely disturbing It is almost like an in joke where you just roll your eyes But then you think how many million Americans would refuse to look at this little book because they would view it as ridiculous alarmism Half of Florida under water, get real, that s just nonsense But in the real world, it is probably too late to prevent the sea from rising enough to reclaim half of Florida why Because of the people who think it

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    It is 2393 the 300th anniversary of The Great Collapse of 2093 Our unnamed presenter, a historian in the Second People s Republic of China, retraces the steps that led to the Collapse, The Penumbra Period 1988 2093 , and the intervening years since that fateful time Pointing to the clear warnings and obvious effects of the anthropogenic interference in the climate system , many still discount or flat out denied what was happening T

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    TCOWC is a difficult book to describe and harder to figure out My final analysis is that it is an extended political pamphlet using some of the tropes of Climate Fiction Cli Fi but not getting bogged down with those irritating requirements to have characters or plots, or even a story Just an endless exposition The conceit is that this is a report, by a faceless scholar in 2393, about the accelerated collapse of Earth s climate and the r

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    Well with the pretext of a history work made by a human in China in a near future this book denounces the criminal irresponsability of politicians ,the fossil fuels corporations,part of scientific comunity,the furious neoliberalism that has destroyed the hardly conquered rights of workers and the compulsive consumist way of life of we the occidentals, in prevent the near future most destructive earth event in the last 250 million years when

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