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The Initiation of Pb500 A Deep Space Catastrophe Strands Sub Captain Micah Starion In A Strange Land Where He Is Stripped Of All Rank And Used As A Plaything By His Brutal Captors Micah, Now Known Only By A Number, Is Gradually Transformed Gay Male Erotica

10 thoughts on “The Initiation of Pb500

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    If there s such a thing as classic m m slaveporn, this is it 12 years after publication it is finally available on kindle So how could I be anything but disappointed I ve r

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    This is exactly my type of story It is MM Slavefic and it goes to a place of pretty heavy pain and some pretty deep humiliation but it s not quite as out there as I expected I loved

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    Sci fi meets slavery in this great story Micah is captured by the Kudites, an advanced civilization choosing to live as a series of clans, and made into a pleasure slave for one of the clan ch

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    Hot and nasty sci fi slave story.Some physically and emotionally taxing training of a sex slave More emphasis on humiliation than pain, but there is certainly enough of that Micah endures a lot as he go

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    This is mostly just torture porn, but it s very steamy porn

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    You know, for erotica, it s surprisingly unerotic.It must be the mindset That s what it is, I think It doesn t capture the mindset well Or at all, even, maybe This could have been great This could have been the great mindf

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    sci fi, castration, slavery and cock tattoos If that appeals then you might like this.

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    Good book, but I sort of hated reading itWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 5 10PROS Really well formed sci fi setting The world of the story is rounded and complete very little of it feels familiar or

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    This book is pretty good I love the straight up D s nature of it I wish there wasaffection from the D, though And the sex and submission are on the very edge of what I can read, really pushing the boundaries.

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    I had a few problems with this and its not what you think I had problems with the inconsistencies with technologies Where was search and rescue It just didn t work for me when he made his choice I, like Royal just don t understand.

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