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The Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg No Great Socialist Thinker Has Been So Often Misrepresented As The Polish Revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg In This Scrupulous Study, Tightly Argued, Geras Systematically Considers And Refutes The Major Myths Which Have Developed About Her Work He Shows How Her Views On Socialist Strategy In Russia Were Closer To Those Of Lenin Than Any Other Leader, And Clarifies Her Famous Theory Of The Mass Strike Her Critique Of The Bolsheviks After The October Revolution Is Distinguished From Social Democratic Or Anarchist Attacks, To Which It Has Often Been Assimilated.Widely Praised On Its First Publication, The Legacy Of Rosa Luxemburg Is An Important Contribution To Our Understanding Of An Earlier Generation Of Marxism In Poland And Russia. Few Marxist philosophers and thinkers have been analysed and discussed as much as Rosa Luxemburg, and this has often been in a hostile or dishonest way Some falsely condemned her as a believer in spontaneity and of the almost teleological inevitability of socialism Others have tried to subsume her writings into those of liberalism with her assertion of the importance of democracy and freedom of speech The late Professor Geras does her legacy a great service by dispelling both of these myths, and using close textual analysis and comparison with other revolutionaries such as Trotsky and Lenin, shows that she was a dedicated Marxist revolutionary whose critiques of capitalism were combined with an unfailing belief that only through constant agitation and rigorous self education could the masses seize political and economic power following the economic collapse that she believed was inevitable However, she knew that

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