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The Perfumer's Secret On The Eve Of The First World War, Fleurette, The Only Daughter Of The Wealthy Delacroix Perfume House, Is Being Forced To Marry A Man She Loathes, Aimery De Lasset, Head Of The Pre Eminent Perfume Manufacturer In France It Is Only The Cathedral Bells Tolling The Rally To The Frontlines On Her Wedding Night That Save Her From Sharing His BedWhen She Receives A Letter From Aimery S Estranged Brother Warning Against Their Union, Fleurette Is Left With The Burden Of A Terrible Secret It Is One That Has The Power To Shatter The Two Families And Their Perfume Empires Once And For AllThe Highly Anticipated New Blockbuster From The Bestselling Author Of The Lavender Keeper And The Last Dance

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    As Fleurette Delacroix walked on the arm of her elder brother Henri, she knew this was the end of life as she d known it The only daughter of the exclusive perfume house in Grasse, the hatred she felt for the man she was headed toward was all co

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    Fleurette Delacroix is being forced to marry a man she despises, Aimery De Lasset Both Fleurette and Amiery come from families that run successful perfume businesses and it is expected that the two of them marry even though Fleurette has no desir

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    I have read and absolutely enjoyed several of this author s books, so I was really looking forward to getting into this one It is set on the eve of World War 1 and Fleurette only daughter of the Delacroix family is being made to marry Aimery De La

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    I ve read and enjoyed several other Fiona McIntosh books, and thought this would be similar to her others The cover is gorgeous, as is the setting, in Grasse, the perfume capital of France, however these were the best parts of the book My library l

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    While I liked the story overall, I found Ms McIntosh s style of writing frustrating She takes so long to get to the point in any scene and goes over things again and again Now, I don t mind internal monologue usually, but not on this scale For examp

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    This is a glorious tale of love, family and loss Set in the outset of World War 1, this is a stunningly beautiful portrayal of a woman striving to be herself, of brothers trying to prove themselves and of love.I thoroughly enjoyed this glorious book

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    The Perfumer s Secret is Fiona McIntosh s seventh historical tale of romance Set in the Provence region of France during World War 1, it s a story of duty, secrets, love, family and perfume.Dramatic and romantic, the plot of The Perfumer s Secret cent

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    1 her love interest reminds her repeatedly of her brother Ewwww2 her love interest may be her brother3 she falls in love in a day4 her brother losing his sense of smell is said to be worse then the grief of both her parents dying WHAT5 the first HALF o

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    Fiona s books can be a bit hit or miss, and weirdly enough this was a little of both for me I was really enjoying it until about 2 3rds through where she fell in love in a day and everything just started getting real fast For a book whose beginning was

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    A richly hued tale of love and adversity at a time of great upheaval.Born into one of Grasse s elite perfumier families, Fleurette Delacroix is beautiful, intelligent and has The Nose, a rare yet crucial skill for perfume creation It s 1915 as a high bor

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