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The Rhode Island Dictionary [ILLUSTRATED] Rhode Islanders, Like Texans, Georgians And The British, Have Their Own Version Of The English Language This Is Its Rosetta Stone Translated By The Canny Mark Patinkin And Illustrated By The Uncanny Don Bousquet, Here Is A Book You Need

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    If you do not live in, or have never been to Rhode Island AND you are planning to go to this very small and wonderful state,

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    Of course being a Rhode Islander this is on my shelf and I have read it and laughed and laughed If you are from Rhode Island or just w

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    If you wanna know why i say certain words funny use certain lingo, borrow this book from me It s funny b c it s true Wickit truewickit pissah if

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    Anyone who currently or has ever lived in Rhode Island needs to check out Mark Patinkin author and Don Bosquet s illustrator booksthey re absolutely HILAR

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