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The Warehouse Gun Violence, Climate Change And Unemployment Have Ravaged The United States Beyond RecognitionAmidst The Wreckage, An Online Retail Giant Named Cloud Reigns Supreme Cloud Brands Itself Not Just As An Online Storefront, But As A Global Saviour Yet, Beneath The Sunny Exterior, Lurks Something Far SinisterPaxton Never Thought He D Be Working Security For The Company That Ruined His Life, Much Less That He D Be Moving Into One Of Their Sprawling Live Work Facilities But Compared To What S Left Outside, Perhaps Cloud Isn T So Bad Better Still, Through His Work He Meets Zinnia, Who Fills Him With Hope For Their Shared FutureExcept That Zinnia Is Not What She Seems And Paxton, With His All Access Security Credentials, Might Just Be Her Meal TicketAs Paxton And Zinnia S Agendas Place Them On A Collision Course, They Re About To Learn Just How Far The Cloud Will Go To Make The World A Better Place To Beat The System, You Have To Be Inside It

About the Author: Rob Hart

Rob Hart is the author of THE WAREHOUSE, which has been sold inthan 20 countries and been optioned for film by Ron Howard He also wrote the Ash McKenna crime series, the short story collection TAKE OUT, and SCOTT FREE with James Patterson He s worked as a political reporter, the communications director for a politician, and a commissioner for the city of New York He is the former publisher at MysteriousPress.com and the current class director at LitReactor He lives in Staten Island.

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    Rob Hart provides a shockingly powerful and harrowing glimpse into the all too real possible realities in our future, of a ravaged world and US, this is a contemporary dystopian version of Orwell s 1984 In this near future, there is a government, but it is of little consequence, there is a desperate scramble for jobs, any job, and towering over it all is the Cloud

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    My thanks to Crown Publishing, and Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review this book There are moments when I really appreciate Netgalley, and this is one of them This isn t a book that I would have spent money on, and if I had, then I probably still wouldn t have read it I knew from the get go how this book would be, and also the end Yep I m one of those crazy f

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    An endorsement from Blake Crouch was all I needed to request this book from netgalley Imagine a world in the not so distant future wherehas become evenall encompassing and you have The Warehouse Most small businesses have disappeared, driverless trucks and drones are the norm, and job choices are slim The world is crashing and burning climate change, minimal government, the lack

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    3.5 Stars I think I am being generous in giving this one 3.5 stars but I loved the concept, the characters and the plot held my interest but the abrupt ending and unanswered questions left me feeling a little cheated and the reason for my 3.5 star rating Well plotted and a scarily realistic novel that gets you thinking A dystopian style tale that is scarily believable Gun violence, clima

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    Four and a half stars, I m now reserving five stars for those books that knock my socks off.I liked this book a great deal Didn t at first The voice of the three characters didn t grab me like they should I know one thing for sure I m not going to look at hamburgers the same way ever again Yuck.There are three point of view characters and I liked two of them The third was the owner of the compan

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    The world of The Warehouse is a bleak world and sadly much too close to our real world than I would like to acknowledge People can no longer really exist outside of the world of Cloud and living in the world of Cloud is an existence not worth living It s a life where people have learned to be happy with a sterile existence of working until they fall onto a thin futon, doing the same thing every single d

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    Copy furnished by Net Galley for the price of a review.Look around you The charming Mom Pop shops of yesteryear are a rarity now Brick and mortar chain stores are closing down at an alarming rate It s less and less safe to leave your home It s the perfect storm Online shopping, drone delivery, instant gratification Can one mega corporation really service all your needsThe market dictatesIf this tale doesn t giv

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    Thank you to Netgalley and The Publisher for asking me to read this book I felt like I was reading aboutand The Cloud Short and sweet here as I did the Netgalley review on my blog Big word of advice NEVER EATING THE FREAKING CLOUDBURGERS IN THIS WORLD Mel

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    I received a free advance copy of this for review from NetGalley.You load sixteen drones, and what do you get Another day older and deeper in debt It s the near future, and the giant company Cloud dominates the economy with its massive warehouses that are essentially cities where the employees live and work However, the CEO of Cloud, Gibson Wells, has just announced that he s dying of cancer so there s change on the horizon a

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    This dystopian novel is set in the near future when Earth has been ravaged by climate change In America, cities have been destroyed by gun violence and economic collapse Unemployment is rife, the government is collapsing and citizens are scared to leave their homes A behemothlike company called the Cloud has pushed most companies out of business and supplies nearly everything to American homes, all delivered by drones so they never ha

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