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Tristan Gottfried S Version Of This Legendary Romance In Which Tristan And Isolde Chance To Drink A Magic Potion That Causes Them To Fall In Love Portrays Tristan In The Round As An Attractive And Sophisticated Pre Renaissance Man While Gottfried Adheres Faithfully To The Events As Set Down By Thomas, His Chosen Source, He Is Correct Over Questions Of Chrisianity And Religion, But NoIn Fact His Persona As Narrator Is Oddly Elusive And Engaging A Virtuoso Stylist, Adept In Irony And Wit, He Is Subtle And Almost Unmedieval In Putting Across His Own Impressions Of A Love That Transcends The Bounds Advocated By Church Or Society

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    The story of Tristan Tristram and Isolde Iseult, Ysolt traces back to the early twelfth century and exists in at least two versions or groups of versions One, the earlier, is Celtic and courtly, exemplified by the poetry of Thomas of Britain, the other and later being the common or prose branch, t

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    I really liked this I thought the translation was very good it s engaging and interesting and doesn t get too dry, as some translations are prone to doing Of course, it seems like a lot of that is down to the original text, which I do wish I could experience But the translation is well done, I think The des

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    Great Passages Into her thoughts she had received him, he had come into her heart, and in the kingdom of her heart wore crown and sceptre with despotic sway For now he laid hold of a new life, a new life was given him so that he changed his whole cast of mind and became quite a different man, since all that he did wa

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    Very good translation.The book is made from 2 manuscript sources translated and merged the Von Strassburg circa 1210 and based on the Thomas manuscript and the Thomas circa 1160 , by a quirk of fate the surviving fragments of T s picking up where the Von S stops, both very different in tone Flows very well on the whole with a

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    Beautiful It has been far too long since I have read a love story like this Not in any way for the faint of hearted, who might quail at the sight of page long paragraphs where the author muses upon all that comes with love, the good and the bad, Tristan is for a reader who wants to sit and exist with a tale, allowing it to flow all arou

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    This is a good example of why modern editors are so important Whilst there are some sections of interest he spends pages rambling about his favourite poets, the characters wardrobes or moaning about women s infidelity Better off with the Beroul version.

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    This is the best version of the Tristan story, and Hatto s translation is masterful it reads like a novel.

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    Good on the whole, but it would have been better as a verse translation.

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    Out of all the Knights of the Round Table, Tristan s always seemed to be the one that fit in the least, mainly because he s so wrapped up in his own adventures that he doesn t join in with the other knights on theirs Turns out that s because he s not really one of Arthur s knights His legend originally stood on its own and only later got mixed into the Arthurian cycle Tristan

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    Color me surprised by this one I picked it up from Heather and Rich when borrowing Wuthering Heights and Gogol As I was walking out the door Rich handed me this oneand I put it on the shelf for 8 months It just didn t appear that inspiring and being from the 1200 s makes me feel, eh Finally dove in in Mid August and I was pleasantly surprised It wasn t written in such complex language

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