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We WE ARE THE ONLY HUMANS LEFT In The Furthest, Coldest, Darkest Reaches Of Our Solar System, Paul Munro Is On A Mission From Which He Can Never Return A Desolate Ice Covered Moon Will Be His Home For The Rest Of His Life And Only From Here Can He See What Humanity Has Become A Thriller To Freeze Your Blood To Absolute Zero

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    Original Review HEREIn a not so distant future, mankind has changed The majority of the human population is interlinked by the World Ear, an implant that allows its user to instantaneously connect with anyone else who is implanted, communicating in a mixture of images, sounds, and even transmitted sensations like touch, scent, or taste The World Ear has allowed humanity to supersede the individual it has a

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    I found this an utterly gripping novel, especially after the slow and steady start signalled by its opening He had asked to be alone when he woke After all, he had reasoned, from now on he would always be alone.But are we really, truly alone Will there be, though we may not be aware of the fact, someone else Are we, like Cowper s Alexander Selkirk, wrong in our assumptions that we are monarchs of all we survey, that

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    WE is another book that I recently received and, with a quick look at the lovely cover and interesting blurb, I wanted to read pretty much right away With the synopsis vague enough not to spoil the story, it raised my interest and made me wonder just how John Dickinson was going to approach a subject such as this separation and isolation within the solar system The first thing that struck me was the writing and how effortless

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    From my blog review on Cybermage.seWhat s chilly about WE is the future it paints The Story We are the only Humans left In the furthest, coldest, darkest reaches of our solar system, Paul Munro is on a mission from which he can never return A desolate ice covered moon will be his home for the rest of his life And only from here can he see what humanity has become.A thriller to freeze your blood To absolute zero. I bought this after rea

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    A distant moon base crew of four have settled within a protective eco bubble on an icy satellite, orbiting a gas giant at the edge of the solar system Its inhabitants, too far from Earth, have been separated from the World Ear, an advanced electronic network that connects the Earth s population by surgically implanted receivers No longer now are they part of a hive mind of knowledge, shared experience and ideas, but isolated and alone in their t

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    In the future everyone on earth is connected shortly after birth to the World Ear and from that point onwards not even speech is necessary When Paul Munro is selected to replace a man on earths furthest outpost and the only one beyond the world ear connections he is about to find what he thought he knew about being human was wrong and that the past was something he never really understood.The author has a nice clean writing style and an interesting future

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    Very interesting, very different Eery, scientific, technical and definitely other wordly It was quite stark and bleak I stopped reading it and only finished it about 6 months later But looking back on it, I remember just being transported to this new, crazily different and out there place It was like nothing I ve read before John did nothing to make anything in the novel relatable or normal, and I liked that, it was something SO different from anything else, so str

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    Very very intriguing concept A man gets disconnected from a 24 7 live feed via special contact lenses and an implant of an upgraded version of the internet facebook twitter to go live on a space station far out in space I loved the way the writer described the confined space, climate and time relay with Earth The way the main character had to start to think for himself again, speech, writing Very clever.

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    Cerebral science fiction at its best

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    Great to see a novel with real science written so engagingly, with real heart, and without trying too hard.

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