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White Rabbit Rufus Holt Is Having The Worst Night Of His Life It Begins With The Reappearance Of His Ex Boyfriend, Sebastian The Guy Who Stomped His Heart Out Like A Spent Cigarette Just As Rufus Is Getting Ready To Move On, Sebastian Turns Up Out Of The Blue, Saying They Need To Talk Things Couldn T Get Much Worse, Right But Then Rufus Gets A Call From His Sister April, Begging For Help And Then He And Sebastian Find Her, Drenched In Blood And Holding A Knife, Beside The Dead Body Of Her Boyfriend, Fox WhitneyApril Swears She Didn T Kill Fox But Rufus Knows Her Too Well To Believe She S Telling Him The Whole Truth April Has Something He Needs, Though, And Her Price Is His Help Now, With No One To Trust But The Boy He Wants To Hate Yet Can T Stop Loving, Rufus Has One Night To Prove His Sister S Innocence Or Die Trying

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    This will sound harsh, but the truth is I don t think I want to see this book on shelvesI was like a violin an object that hasn t much purpose until someone touches it, fills it with resonance, draws things from it that it can never produce on its own

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    DNF 150pgIf it tells you anything about how severely I disliked this book, I only got a little over 100 pages into it and I had a literal full PAGE of bullet points for things that I found to be nonsensical, annoying, or downright unhealthy.I wanted so, so badl

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    I already read this FiRST 1 1

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    Ah the bookworm life Where you get a chance to relax so you PICK UP THE MOST STRESSFUL BOOK YOU CAN FIND and have a good ol time Haaaa yes I m fine And I absolutely found myself so tense while reading this I had to forcibly relax It definitely kept me confused and guessing until t

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    Murder, drugs, romance, gay stuff This book was AMAZING I haven t read a book in a day in forever, but I couldn t put White Rabbit down It s like The Hardy Boys but gayonly if the Hardy boys weren t brothers because ew Solike Sherlock and Watson, but actually gay instead of the gay baiting

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    this book contains my single favorite sentence of 2017, Fox is seventeen, a senior to be at Ethan Allen, and an absolute prolapsed rectum of a human being a masterpiece EDIT look ok White Rabbit is too magnificent for my glib ass non review reviewing style but please know that i could not put this bo

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    TW Death, profanity, blood, murder, physical violence, homophobia, homophobic slurs, misogyny, arson, sexual assault, drug dealing and abuseWhite Rabbit is an exact display of when the egregious facet outweighs the fine one.Giving this a one star rating says a lot about three things how I generally feel for th

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    4.5 starsThank you very much to Macmillan Children s Publishing Group for providing a copy of the novel in exchange for an honest review.TW sexual assault, rape, homophobia, descriptions of violence, murder, drug use White Rabbit is going to be the YA thriller of 2018 I m calling it now This murder mystery kept me on th

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    There should be a word for that feeling you feel when one of your most hyped books delivers on everything you were hoping it would That feeling is amazing, and I m so happy to report I m feeling it right now LAST SEEN LEAVING is one of my favourite books I adored Roehrig s genius blending of a nail biting thriller and the coming

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    DNF at page 89 Caleb Roehrig would do way better as a screenplay writer than he does a book writer his books read like tv show scripts his writing style isn t exactly why i m dropping this one, though i m dropping it because it reminded me way too much ofgaspThe Love Interest by Cale Dietrich, arguably the worst book released in the year

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